Saturday, May 25, 2013

Late Night Baking Session

Hello Fellow Foodies!!!

    Last night I had a serious craving for something sweet. I was trying to think of what I could make with what I had in the pantry because I was NOT going to the grocery store. So as I was looking through my refrigerator and realized I had an abnormal amount of zucchini ( does anyone else have a hard time remembering how to spell zucchini?) in my vegetable draw. Why these were purchased? --- I can't tell you. Then it came to me... I'll make zucchini bread!! Now, I have never made zucchini bread before so I had to search the web for a reference recipe. I typed in zucchini bread recipes into my favorite search engine, you know the one that rhymes with ding... lol and came across so many.

   After clicking on about 5 different websites I finally came across Food Network's recipe. The recipe and instructions were extremely simple and for me that is really important ( I hate baking unless I get all of the goods). I was so excited to make this because I haven't baked anything since my epic failure at making French Macarons. When I say failure...I mean complete DIASTER. So I prepared everything like the recipe said and as I was mixing the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients it looked like I did something really wrong. It was way too thick, and thinking to myself I was wondering how am I going to fold in the zucchini? So I took the zucchini and started folding it in and the moisture in the zucchini loosened the batter tremendously (picture below).

  Not thinking to look at how long it actually took for the bread to bake, I took a gander at the last sentence of the recipe and it stated that it had to bake for 55 minutes. The look on my face was surely priceless. Thank goodness no one was home and I had music playing very loudly because some naughty words came out of my mouth. So I prepared the pans and placed the first ( oh yeah this recipe makes 2 loaves) pan in the oven. Trying to be patient I cleaned up the little mess that I made and looked at the timer and saw it only had 5 minutes left, so I took my toothpick and tested the bread. it came out clean so I took it out of the oven and placed it onto my cooling rack. I proceeded to loosen the sides and flip it out... this is where the my sometimes impatient personality kicked into gear. I must've banged on the loaf pan 5x before it finally came out...without a bottom crust. I laughed so hard at myself because that almost always happens to me and that's why I don't really bake. The taste was fantastic and not overly sweet like some of the other zucchini breads I've tasted in the past. All in all it was a mostly positive experience and it gives me hope that I can master the baking process with a little patience and drive to work at it more.

   Below are some pics  I took while in the process and after they were done and also the link to the recipe. I'm going to try to remember to take more pictures of the whole process. I'm learning...this blogging thing is very new to me. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend and be safe.

                                      The zucchini bread batter before I placed it in the loaf pan.

                                      After it was done and before the bottom was left in the
      Thanks for reading,

  **Cook's Notes: I added 1/4tsp of nutmeg into the batter and I also mixed 1tbsp. sugar with 1 tsp. of cinnamon and sprinkled in the top before I placed them into the oven.

     The link as promised Have fun and enjoy!!!